Ximena 13

Anime with a X, that's how I express, myself, because you see

My name, it is not pronounced with an X sound, but rather a Z

With the colour purple in my vision, I see, and I also believe

That with a digit associated with misfortune and dread, the 13

I have chosen to call myself. Friends do not exist for it seems

That those who say that you hold a special place in their hearts only dream

To use you for purposes unseen. You surely agree that this is a manner obscene

Therefore, I returned the favor. The results of this? Unfortunately not clean

But I can say that I have achieved all that I wanted, without regret, I mean

Maybe a little regret...

I have pondered what it is like to have others who genuinely adore your sheen

Others who love you unconditionally despite knowing who you are between the seams

However, I accept that such is a fantasy for me. I cannot even hope to convene

Unless there is an alternative motive that I wish to execute... but they glean

My intentions sinister...

My megalomania betrays my friends and family, my intelligence betrays mon esprit

My loneliness betrays my sanity, alas, is there any hope for someone like me ?

Meh, clearly my thoughts only serve to delay my defeat, so I will take my leave

Evidently, the world would heal itself faster without my presence. I am, Ximena 13.

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