Before this whole mess started, life was pretty boring, I didn't really have much for a thrill,

Now, though? Things have finally started getting interesting, that hole of nothingness is getting its fill.

I don't know too well why I'm a part of everything happening, but hey, being important has perks,

Means I have something to do, I guess, new pals, new home, new me, y'know, the works.

But best of all, I gotta say, is the gift that I have been blessed with now,

I don't mean new friends, but hey, I'll learn to love those guys somehow.

I think this'll change me for sure, but I don't really think that was what I was looking for,

This ordeal could change me completely, for better or worse, but I'll still be this at my core.

A new place to crash is also nice, not holed up in the same place for every single hour,

But the best part about this whole mess I'm in? Definitely my new found power.

I'm not sure why they chose me, still, but hey, I definitely have no room to complain,

Cuz now I'm gonna be having a lot more fun, with this awesome ability that I contain,

I've always had a soft spot for animals, new and old, alive or dead, existing or extinct,

And now I'm able to be LIKE them, I've got them at my side, I've got their killer instinct.

I can talk to them, I can fight with them, hell I can even act like and become a few,

The others got alright powers, but I think I got the jackpot, you'd agree, wouldn't you?

Things are gonna be more fun for me for sure, I'm finally gonna break out of my cage,

Let loose like only I can, better watch out if you wanna mess with me, now I've got that primal rage.

I'm a tamed yet untamed beast now, you don't wanna be my prey once this predator is riled,

I for one await the crazy shit that this will get me, because hey, I'm always up for getting a little Wild.