Within the tenor voice of the family of stringed instruments, this instrument beautifully resides

A pleasant tone emanates from its f-holes, its lovely appearance is soothing to our eyes

Each one is a true masterpiece, a masterpiece of metal chords and sculpted, varnished wood

However, the full utilization of this delicate instrument, only by the players is a concept understood

A rich, warm tone sounds off with great resonance from high positions, similar to that of an alto singer

By contrast, a dark, robust tone sounds off with blaring sonority from the lower register, a unique register

Through the usage of special techniques, emotion is fused brilliantly with the instrument's sound

Creating an infinite array of colours and tones, a grand majority of which are elegantly profound

The greatest of these techniques, vibrato; a shaking of the sounding note hand. Tis difficult to master

Oscillating the pitch to create dramatic tension, hopeless despair, pure sublimity, tones of grandeur

To describe the full beauty of the instrument is a task impossible to accomplish with words alone

Only by listening to bow dragged across the strings or to metal plucked by hand can one know

That this sanctimonious instrument, wooden, sculpted to perfection, magnanimous, and wholly mellow

It is a true blessing to have the ability to listen to it, to be able to play it, to feel it. To love the Violoncello

The Poetry of Avatar XIII
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