The Psychos Path2
So, for the last several weeks / couple months, I have been extremely busy with some work I've been doing. I have mentioned this a couple times, but always kept the details vague.

Anyway, I am making a hip-hop album. I've been hard at work at my recording studio and producing with Pro Tools lately and have made several demos. I have written over thirty songs in the last three months and I am pressing twelve (possibly more, I'll figure it out later) into an album.

This is the current cover that I have made in Photoshop in just a few minutes, nothing special, but also includes the tracklist.

Anyway, just letting you guys know. I know this is a community, albeit a little barren, full of creative written and musical talent. Huge thanks to anyone who has ever supported me through my song writing. I am deeply grateful and it has inspired me to create art in which I will look forward to making for the rest of my life.

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