Heh. Crazy. I'll show you crazy.

Throughout my life, I've been called all sorts of things

Been called, "Odd, stupid," an assortment of "freak"s

What is it? The way I talk, walk, or how I look?

Read comics, then a book, now I've wrote a book,

Look, nowhere is where I fit in, there's no clique,

Just everywhere in lunch I sit, no seats opened,

So fuck it, do I quit? Shit, last thing I need is Mit

to hate on Tim himself, he just got another hit -

Not a view on one of his songs or poems,

A fucking hit, pow, in his head, it went split,

On the dirt, down, blood comes out when he spits,

Upon all this, he's called a twit. I don't get it,

What the fuck did I do to deserve this shit?

The fuck did I do for my best friend to die?

The fuck did I do for my grandma to die?

The fuck did I do to be born on this planet?

I didn't ask of this, I never wanted it,

Who is insultin' Tim? What's the reason behind all o' it?

Am I full o' shit? Or have I just fallen off of this

Understanding as to why I'm being targeted an' shit

All of these events happened back as a kid

Doesn't mean I'm in the clear, I'm still fucked up and shit

Diagnosed with disorders, symptoms and syndromes;

Doctors telling me orders, ifs, mays, and their "wisdom"

Evil, I live, definition I'm living in a palindrome

Bi-polarity, depression, eating another tin full of Lithium

See psychologists and told their logic on the weekend

See these visions when I close my eyes, some nights

Some things I don't remember but when I see them, I fright

I cringe and I feel mentally unhinged

I'm going off the edge, just another inch

What will push me over? What's the final risk?

What will be the outcome? Will I even be missed?

Fuck no, I don't want to see another psychiatrist!

Don't want to see another Rorschach test!

Don't want to hear any more kinds of bullshit

Fuck this shit, I think I just took that risk


Don't call me weird.

Fuckin' hell.

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