Hello just thought I would make a little speech here about something big happening as most of you probably don't know there's on a referendum on gay marriage going around because in Ireland its illegal well this is my opinon I think gay marriage should be allowed because Irish people are so scared of change they don't understand that they're suppressing people rights. Anyway the reason why I am an atheist is because people use god to justify this nonsense because in the bible it says it is wrong for two men to sleep together and now because of this being who has no evidence of existing peoples lives have been ruined though out history most wars were started by religion. In my school I heard one kid say two gays can't kiss because it is a boy and a girl thing. In short I am an atheist because when choosing a being that doesn't exist over human beings I will always make the easy choice 

This effects me personally because recently one of my friends told me his gay and I am trying to get him out of the closet but shit like this won't help at all. Good day

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