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    Rising Stars

    December 20, 2014 by Mystical Trixter

    I come to the users that are around Four Stars with a bit of a request. As you all know, our previous stars, Danica, Lucid, Evol and Xim, have all been sadly inactive for quite some time, and as such, we have no admin around in case of trolls, or to spruce the wiki up when the time comes.

    That is, why I come to this request.

    Would you all like for me to adopt Four Stars in their place? I think I would be the best candidate, as I always keep an eye on this wiki and care for it, as well as being it's currently most consistent contributor. So leave your thoughts in the comments, thank you.

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  • Mystical Trixter

    What the title means is that this is where all my poetry will go, if you want a nice spot to easily access it all. A new work will be created every Monday, so be sure to stick around, I'd appreciate the viewing of my work!

    More to come soon.

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