aka Big Jordy

  • I live in Dudleyville
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is being the very best in the world
  • I am that damn good.
  • MrAwesome300

    Hai, ladies and gents. Welcome to round 2 of Negative Four's tourney, where I go up against Meatholl. Let's go. 

    Keep beating your Meat, kid, not long until demotion to mod

    You piece of Shift, sinful sloth, you so called god

    So much cybersex and you still don't have a "bby

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  • MrAwesome300

    Sup peoples? I'm MrA and welcome to this battle in Negative Four's tourney in order to see who will be her wiki husband on the ERB Wiki. Believe me, I will kick some serious ass. Anyways, it's MrAwesome300 vs. Captain Warrior, with Cacola as our awsum third party rapper!






    You're going to be easy, from all your "legendary" battles I've seen

    Hell, you commanded you had to join at age thirteen!

    CW, plz! You're just a little chat pain!

    When something funny happens, you spam and go insane!

    You're not a captain or a warrior! You're a pre-teen brat!

    You refused to give your first name! Why so covert on chat?

    Adminship? Hell no, Mrpietcaptain's Bitch.

    CW, getting P-O-W'd, ask…

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