aka Joe

  • I live in In a pineapple under the sea
  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is The only editor of the A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki
  • I am A much better human being than all who stand before me
  • Joeaikman

    Sega stood on the grey street corner, cold and wet, as he waited for the bus to arrive. It was already late, as it was most days, and he didn’t want to be out in this neighbourhood when the sun started to set. Only last week Clockwork, a guy who worked in the same office as Sega, was mugged down a back alley, and he had been forced into hospital with multiple stab wounds. Sega had signed his get well card, even if he didn’t know the guy that well. Still, if it could happen to Clockwork then it could happen to him too, and he barely had enough money to get by on as it is. How would his mother and brother afford to live without him working for their money? No, it was imperative that he survived, and to make sure that he did so he had brought…

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  • Joeaikman

    The main hall was filled with potential murderers. Grav’s body had been removed, carefully laid in the same room as Coupe’s corpse by Flats and Joe earlier. Bran and Matoro had left them to go find the others, and they had successfully gathered up Sega and GIR. They had found Sega talking to himself about how he would fuck up the killer, and GIR had been in the room with the fuse box and power switches. He had been fiddling around with the buttons next to a small ventilation shaft, barely big enough for a boy to fit inside. Now he was stood by Sega in the main room. They had tried desperately to locate Nail, but they hadn’t succeeded. Wach had arrived back at the room shortly after the others, and Assy had left them to see whether the CCTV…

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