Time to shoot this Falcon down faster than NegaFour will
You're already married, guess the whole family came for thrill
It is said that on this very Night a Hawk was set on Fire
Burned 9004 times over, And you'll be like Tesla and retire
this Kid will face his Death, he won't come back from this hiatus
Cuz I'm knocking him around more than his own user status
Let me tell you something, and that is that Patts and I agree
That when it comes to parents, Sierra is the best of the family.


O hai Bob. I'll scorch ya with some Dis Raps For Fire

Insulting this pathetic "funnyman" that no girl desires

You were taken into the family, but you couldn't adopt my skills, son

We only laugh at your jokes considering you just ARE one

I'm the firefighter extinguishing heated MCs using raps as my hose

About to make a Firebrand new victim washed down with my flows

Bearing the numbers of TMC, it's no wonder you call yourself a faggot

If you thought you'd be getting a wedding, it seems I won't let you have it


The Darkest Night is being lit up by me, I'll make you fall from stardom

I'll Flame this Princess, chew her up and spit her out like Bubblegum

I think it's high Time this Adventurer should go and take his leave

Sierra's avatars are misleading, you're so bitchy you're clearly Eve

You talk the talk, but can't walk the walk, and that I must mock

You won't even be able to gawk or make small talk after this cock block

Knock you on your ass, like when you lost to the doc, I'll make you squawk, leave you shocked

Out of you and your wife your more likely to stalk, I'm finished, so go and flee to your flock, Hawk


Firebrand used Protect! But like his real dad's condom, it failed!

I'll have you salute to my victory so you can stop your "Bieber Heil!"

Nobody wants your Dedede, just slayin'

Go suck on Clint's east wood since you sure seem to like roleplaying

I am a competitive executive of power

You're a cowardfrom the Garden State whose rhyme abilities are less threat than Captain Warrior

Like Albert Wesker, you're a douche who's less clever than Ed

You only wish you were hot, but let's just say, you'll never get wet

Who won?

You decide.

Who won?

The poll was created at 00:25 on November 1, 2013, and so far 21 people voted.

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