Yup, this is a thing now. Three verses each cuz why not :P

The beat:







I hope you people are hungry, cuz I'm making melted chocolate
Out of this pathetic single digit Four, Who shouldn't bother blocking
My incindiary rhymes, so hot they'll burn your Pyro
Make your skin even darker when I'm through, yo
Your a loser and a crap mod, all you do is cause strife
You're nothing and never will be, meanwhile I'm LivingLife
I'm Positive you'll be feeling Negative by the end of this, Four
Let's just say this is a train of your loss, and I'm the Mr. Conductor!


I can see you trying, and I can see your loss is clear

I mean, you tried to sleep with Dex, it seems you're pretty queer

But you never fail to surprise me, like with your puns and kicks

You should stick to your Vaseline, and stop rubbing your friends' dicks

And I see that you're bringing the racism, and its only Round One

You're a real clown in chat, but outside? You're no fun

I can see why you chose Ed, you both share a lack of intelligence

You're just a horny brony, so GTFO and clop to a pegasus!


I may have made the racist jokes, but you're no better

Basing most your verse off my sexuality, aren't you clever?

It's humorous to see your attempts to do lyrical harm

Especially when you call me queer, yet you've fallen for my charm

I'm known as the funniest user, but I believe you surpassed me

Thinking you'll clench victory, plz,  you're a laugh to me

I await you adding, "lost to Fire" in your user page, Joey

Because no matter what you try, you'll fail, so you can just blow me.


And thus we return to your homosexuality

I'll make Verse 2 pack a punch; FATALITY

My raps have Flare in them, but you lack any skill

I'm doing this for NF, whereas you're doing it for thrills

Watch as I surpass your raps and you're left in the dust

You say I've fallen for your charm? Plz, you lack the lust

After this, you'll be Branded with the quote "I LOST TO 16"

When it comes to corny jokes, you're really the queen!


I'll leave you forgotten, you'll be quite like your idol Millard Fillmore

Your only here because you can't get some, don't be so Negative, Four

You are what you eat I guess, because this chicken is fried

When Negafour sees this verse all she'll say to you is "DENIED!"

I'll dominate this Pyro, set him off like a Bob-Omb

Because you already know that Bob is the bomb.

You're correct I'm here for the thrill, still you're chance of loss is high

Because like always a White beat a Black at something; What a surprise.


The fuck is this, a tournament or your first fight?

You would've lost by now, but you've got your ass too tight

Talking racist smack, like some old white bitch

More annoying in chat than the Golden Snitch

You may be made of Fire, but I'm about to put you out

You're more feminine than Sierra, so join the girl scouts

Time to end this, so have fun as the loser you are

My verses hit hard, so enjoy these verbal scars!

Who won?

The poll was created at 00:55 on October 12, 2013, and so far 12 people voted.

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