Hello, I am DudeWithASuit. I am applying to become a star because the FourStars Constitution has granted me the rights to do so as a member of the community. 

Now, we must get down to businuss. I will like to apply for many reasons. But one of my main ones is because I love to write poetry! That's right! If I get rights, I'll starting making so much poetry you'll be like "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!? :O"

However, if you do not grant me what I want, then we'll have issues. 

You see, I don't give a fuck if I have to start a war against this puny piece of poop. I will take it down and concur the land here for my own selfish desires. I will also lie and tell historians that I founded this area and it is mine. So I will be getting all the credit for this area's discovery. So as you can tell, I will not hesitate to start war if I am denied due to discrimination purposes.

So it's time for you to choose...

Accept me...

Or die...

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