• Doctor Autismo!

    the name is doctor autismo i have zero hoes i don't have a single nose i got zero flow

    although for fame and dough i throw on a show

    where i go "hello new mexico, suck on my big toe"

    they throw tomatoes and sharknados

    i call them all potatoes and bounce out the doo'

    so i can cry to myself, which means crying to me

    my daddy left me so i talk to my diary

    pull it out from under my bed

    but suddenly instead

    i say fuck it

    and fill my own head with lead

    now i'm dead

    i'm dead

    i'm dead nigga

    i'm dead

    i'm dead

    i'm dead

    i'm dead nigga

    i'm dead

    jk I'm back, with another rap

    dad never came back, i came out of his nutsack

    don't care about that, i just wanna spit on a track

    but since i'm white i don't even know how to do that

    i get my buddy tyrone i ask him how he raps

    he says …

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