• I live in Sandwichland
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is trying to win the hearts of people I love
  • I am I own a copy of Super Mario Sunshine
  • CrimsonTuxedo24

    I'm walkin through the shrubs like a maverick

    However, with the blood on my hands, It's sick

    I'm tone deaf from the gunshots, wounded more than Tupac

    I'm tryin to achieve zen, but I can't recieve the power to break the lock

    They said I couldn't survive, but I made it out alive

    But to escape the battle, that's where I try to strive

    However, there's pains, and aches everywhere, I can't take it

    No where to go anymore, I'm lost, stuck in time, I can't make it

    My head is ringing like a bell

    That means that War is Hell

    War is Hell

    The trauma broke my outer shell

    That means that War is Hell

    War is Hell

    I can't escape my tortured psyche, avoiding the gunfire

    It's not an ammo pack I need, it's a medic I faithfully require

    Someone help me, I'm burning down mentally …

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  • CrimsonTuxedo24

    My Musical Life

    October 5, 2013 by CrimsonTuxedo24

    Birth: One Winged Angel- Final Fantasy IIV Soundtrack

    First Day Of School: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid- The Offspring

    Good Grades: Ode To Joy- Beethoven

    Struggling With Work: Help- The Beatles

    Graduation: We Are The Champions- Queen

    Fight With Enemy: Airman Ga Taosenai- Honestly, don't know :p

    Training: We Are Men- Mulan Soundtrack

    Relaxing: Young, Wild, and Free- Wiz Kalifa ft Snoop Dogg and Bruno Mars, or Fur Elise- Beethoven

    Video Game Time- Robot Rock- Daft Punk

    Eating: Fat- Weird Al Yankovic

    TV Time: American Idiot- Green Day

    Nap Time: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star- ???

    Gets Hurt: City Escape- Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack(dont ask)

    Crush: Tonight, Tonight- Smashing Pumpkins

    Date: Whistle Instrumental- Flo Rida

    Kiss: Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy

    Fight with…

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