So this is a list of all the songs on my phone, in a-z order.

I'm not linking them cause I'm to lazy

1. Weird Al- Amish Paradise

2. Anaconda- The Educational Version

3. The Apparate! Suite

4. Bart Baker- Fancy PARODY

5. Bloodhound Gang- The Bad Touch

6. Brony Style- Rukka Rukka Ali

7. Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood

8. Celestia vs. Luna

9. Columbus vs. Captain Kirk

10. Dan Bull- 40 years of gaming

11. Divinyls- I Touch Myself

12. Iron Will vs. Zecora

13. Discord (Living Tombstone)

14. Eyeless Jack vs. Laughing Jack

15. Fall Out Boy- Centuries

16. FNAF (living tombstone)

17. Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury

18. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore

19. Georg Washington vs. William Wallace

20. Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters

21. Snippet of unreleased Hilary Clinton ERB

22. I sit down when I pee

23. I'm going to kill you (dunkey)

24. Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter

25. Judge Dredd vs. Judge Judy

26. KONGOS- Come with me now

27. Letter C ( Zach Sherwin)

28. Mad Max vs. The Vault Dweller

29. Muppets Most Wanted OST - We're doing a sequel

30. Muppets Most Wanted OST- Interrogation Song

31. No E

32. Oprah vs. Ellen

33. Ebola (la la)

34. Pitbull- Fireball

35. Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova

36. Reimu Hakurei vs. Godzilla

37. The Road to El Dorado remix

38. Romeo and Juliet vs. Bonnie and Clyde

39. Rukka Rukka Ali- Go Cops

40. Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye

41. Collecting Cookies

42. Spoilers Ahead- Trailer Derailer

43. Spooky Scary Skeletons remix

44. Macarena

45. Walk this Way

46. Steven Speilberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock

47. Tove Lo- Habits (Stay High)

48. Weird Al- Handy

49. Weird Al -Tacky

50. Weird Al- Foil

51. Weird Al- Now thats what I call polka!

52. Weird Al- Trapped in the drive-thru

53. Weird Al- Word Crimes

54. Zeus vs. Thor


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