aka The rapper formerly known as Jack

  • I live in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • CaveJohnson333

    I have something to say.

    Last November, the 23rd to be exact, I insulted Mystical Trixter, so badly that she left chat.

    This ended in me being banned, which resulted in me socking, which resulted in my being blocked.

    A few days after my block ended, Alexa unbanned me, which I was very grateful for.

    Soon after, we started talking in PMs.

    And then, around April, I realized something.

    I loved Alexa.

    I can't really explain why, but I will try to, at the best of my ability.

    Alexa is a wonderful person, probably the most perfect woman I've ever had the luck to meet.

    She puts up with my doucheyness, which can't be an easy task. She tells me about what she dislikes about me so that I can try and improve. She sees, that under my douchey outside, I can be a …

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  • CaveJohnson333

    Before you start complaining, this is a place to express creativity. I believe audio covers count as that.

    Also, it's a blog.

    I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, but still.

    Don't worry, as soon as I'm unblocked, you can delete this, but I'll be keeping my covers here until then

    Expect the first one to come soon


    Picture, if you will, a cover of a rap battle made by a fgt

    I'm quite excited, really

    Fucking intro parts hard to do (THESE AREN'T HINTS BY THE WAY)

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  • CaveJohnson333

    So this is a list of all the songs on my phone, in a-z order.

    I'm not linking them cause I'm to lazy

    1. Weird Al- Amish Paradise

    2. Anaconda- The Educational Version

    3. The Apparate! Suite

    4. Bart Baker- Fancy PARODY

    5. Bloodhound Gang- The Bad Touch

    6. Brony Style- Rukka Rukka Ali

    7. Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood

    8. Celestia vs. Luna

    9. Columbus vs. Captain Kirk

    10. Dan Bull- 40 years of gaming

    11. Divinyls- I Touch Myself

    12. Iron Will vs. Zecora

    13. Discord (Living Tombstone)

    14. Eyeless Jack vs. Laughing Jack

    15. Fall Out Boy- Centuries

    16. FNAF (living tombstone)

    17. Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury

    18. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore

    19. Georg Washington vs. William Wallace

    20. Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters

    21. Snippet of unreleased Hilary Clinton ERB

    22. I sit down…

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