Barry vs Wolf

Loygansono55 and BasaltWolfED145RS battle in Negative Four's Tourney to see who will become Negative Four's wiki husband!! Who will come out victorious?!







Time to make this Wolf whimper, feel the beat of my lyrical drum,

Competing for a girl? Go home to your clones and have a foursome,

You don't scare me! I'm the fearless admin that'll be the last thing you see,

Time to drive this beast to extinction fiercely and ferociously,

I'll make your head spin like a Beyblade, while you try so hard to retaliate,

Your chances of winning are low, you're Asian, you must be able to calculate,

That you've won a battle maybe once? You won't progress through this by default,

You'll never get past me, seems I've succeeded in making you halt!


This fated battle is a bit early, but the outcome will be the same

I bet you’ll say I’m not popular, but I don’t see your fame

My clones are not to be trifled with, even Lyteq can leave you lyrically murdered

And yeah, I’m competing for NF, at least I’M shipped with her

“You'll never get past me”, it seems you took a line I was gonna use

I’m a defensive type beyblade, that means you won’t leave a bruise

I may have only won once, but I gave the others a huge struggle

I’m comparable to a Zapdos, but you, you’re just a Shulk-le


Not popular, you say? Says the guy who never gets attention,

I'm linguistically legendary, my rhymes will be your ultimate prevention!

You use your butter sword as lube for your tiny little Asian dick,

And you get almost no views on YouTube, nobody even bothers to click,

The reason there's Boredom on the Wiki is cause you're always there,

I'll skin off this animal's pelt and eat the meat raw, better beware,

So you lost in round 1 again, it seems that'll always be as best as you can do,

Your effort was pitiful, totally minimal, and that's why you won't get through to round 2!


What’s that?  I can barely here you, move closer to your microphone.

Oh, you think you’re gonna win NF’s heart? Nah, you’re gonna forever alone!

Legendary?  Ha! I don’t see any good accomplishments.

Watch your tone of voice boy, don’t you get too overconfident,

Cause when you face this insanity of this wolf, you’re gonna get consumed.

I’ve got the courage of thousands, you’re too addicted to shrooms.

You’re no longer Peach’s slave, but now your master is me, HJ96!

Now, sit down.  Time for the wolf to teach this bitch some tricks!

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