The tournament has begun

The long awaited Second Annual Chess Tournament is less than a month away. Sign-up below.

We're using the same website as last year, and it's very easy to get an account there.

  1. Avatar Four
  2. Mystical Trixter
  3. Loygansono55
  4. Tigerisnormal
  5. Scrawland Scribblescratch
  6. CaveJohnson333
  7. Joeaikman
  8. MetalFire
  9. Cyanwrites
  10. Bantha117
  11. Espeon 18
  12. Wachowman
  13. Bobdave
  14. RoboticOperatingApple
  15. SierraStalker
  16. Gliscor Fan

Round 1 Matchups

Avatar Four vs CaveJohnson333

Joeaikman vs Espeon 18

Mystical Trixter vs Loygansono55

Tigerisnormal vs Wachowman

SierraStalker vs Bobdave

RoboticOperatingApple vs Bantha117

Scrawland Scribblescratch vs Cyanwrites

MetalFire vs Gliscor Fan

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