Once again, it's been nearly a year since ERB user ships have been made. Let's see who the news pairs are, shall we?


  1. Trixterisnormal (Tigerisnormal x Mystical Trixter)
  2. AvaTrixter (Mystical Trixter x Avatar Four)
  3. AvaTiger (Avatar Four x Tigerisnormal)
  4. The Equaliser (Amon Maven x Equality)
  5. Mystical Scraw (Scrawland Scribblescratch x Mystical Trixter)
  6. Four Stars (Lucid x -4 x Xim x Evol)
  7. DWAchow (Wachowman x DudeWithASuit)
  8. Munkitteh (Bantha117 x Tigerisnormal)
  9. Jack Skellington (Jack8073 x A skeleton)
  10. JudeWithASuit (DudeWithASuit x Bobdave)
  11. Night Lee or Nik at Night (Nikki Lee 1999 x NightFalcon9004)
  12. Ghay (Scrawland Scribblescratch x Meatholl)
  13. Cat-tastrophe (Tigerisnormal x BreZ x Jagaur)
  14. Ironworks (MetalFire x Epicnail)
  15. Sockcest (A user x their sockpupet)
  16. Wachow's Favorite (Ximena 13 x J1coupe)
  17. Killer West or Kanye Face (Killerface45 x Kanye West)
  18. No shirts, no shoes, just socks (Wrath x CE)
  19. Night Light (NightFalcon9004 x Tesla Man)
  20. Potatoes (Bobdave x Silent Mocker)
  21. Rusted Metal (MetalFire x Icey778)
  22. The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway (Icey778 x SierraStalker)
  23. Liz-ards (Dragonsblood23 x RarityTheMarshmallow)
  24. Old Married Couple (Joeaikman x WonderPikachu12)
  25. Positive Attraction (WonderPikachu12 x Tesla Man)
  26. Mrpietcaptainwarrior (Captain Warrior x Mrpietcaptain)
  27. Breakfast (Bobdave x -4 x A bowl of cereal)
  28. My Cabbages! (Loygansono55 x A:TLA's Cabbage Guy)
  29. TDERB (WonderPikachu12 x Awesomesix)
  30. ERB (Bluesocks x THEEpicLloyd)
  31. TheMindOfDude (DudeWithASuit x TheMindofMe)
  32. Good Conductors (MetalFire x Tavi.)
  33. Wonky (WonderPikachu12 x PointlessMunky92, His IRL boyfriend)
  34. 69 OLOLOLOLOLO (Meatholl x Everybody ever)
  35. FOR AMERICA! (Scrawland Scribblescratch x Reignic3)
  36. Charlotte's Web (MetalFire x A Giant Ass Spider)
  37. True and False (TruthBrood x a Sockpuppet)
  38. Hurt/Heal (MSV x Dwas)
  39. Nobody's Gay For Moleman (Reson x Nobody)
  40. Wet and Slippery (Loygansono55 x Icey778)
  41. Jellaikman (Jella x Joe)
  42. Walking Wiki's OTP (Joe x Intru)
  43. Cat and Mouse (Tiger/BreZ/Jagaur x WonderPikachu12)
  44. Doctor's Strange Love (J1coupe x YoutubeKorea x TheDoctorTenGrinch)
  45. Four4 Stars (Four4 x Avatar Four)
  46. Suggestive Content (Gir 5 Life x Dragonsblood23)
  47. Wachomotion (Wachowman x Demotion)
  48. Jack Sceptic Eye (Jack8073/CaveJohnson333 x Sceptileisgreat x TheEyeOfAllEyes)
  49. Silent Night (Silent Mocker x NightFalcon9004)
  50. WONDERful 101 (WonderPikachu12 x Any of the Wonders of Wonderful101)
  51. Tavirok (Tovorok x Taviwave)
  52. Jail (Jack8073/CaveJohnson333 x Epicnail)
  53. Sheldon Coupe (Mrpietcaptain x J1coupe)
  54. NailTheFun (Epicnail x NadeTheFun)
  55. Superior Lemons (CaveJohnson333 x Savage Superior)
  56. What DWAS the problem? (Moleman x DWAS)
  57. Space Balls (Scrawland Scribblescratch x Ynkrdlevin17)
  58. Manliest Pair Ever (Savage Superior x JackBurton)
  59. Vidya Gayems (J1coupe x Mystical Trixter x WonderPikachu12)
  60. Drak and Josh (Drakan95 x JoshuaKrasinski)
  61. Drakansblood (Drakan x Dragonsblood23)
  62. CatDog (Tigerisnormal x ProbablyNoah)
  63. Dralan5life (Drakan95 x GIR 5 Life x Alanomaly)
  64. Leakan (LeandroDaVinci x Drakan95)
  65. Joeaikan95 (Drakan95 x Joeaikman)
  66. IamtheDrakan95 (Iamthelegion x Drakan95)
  67. DrakanWrites95 (Cyanwrites x Drakan95)
  68. The Flatswood 95 (Drakan95 x The Flatswood Monster)
  69. WonderKan95 (WonderPikachu12 x Drakan95)
  70. DudeWithAndrew (DudeWithASuit x Andrew0218)
  71. Jellandrew (Jella141 x Andrew0218)
  72. Munkittandy (Bantha117 x Tigerisnormal x Andrew0218)
  73. Noandy (The Flatswood Monster (AKA Probably Noah) x Andrew0218)
  74. WonderPikadrew12 (WonderPikachu12 x Andrew0218)
  75. AndZ or Brew (BreZ x Andrew0218)
  76. Robot Boner for John Conner (ROA/Gir x A6)
  77. Newton's OTP (GravityMan x RoboticOperatingApple)
  78. Suit Up! (DudeWithASuit x Tuxedo!)
  79. Green Day (CaveJohnson333 x Mystical Trixter)
  80. Jack the Ripper (Savage Superior x Killerface45)
  81. Love After Death (Wachowman x ShoopDaKev)
  82. Da Four WachMen (Wachowman x Four4 x ShoopDaKev)
  83. Cavity (CaveJohnson333 x GravityMan)
  84. DoNotLikePotatoes (Bobdave x/x RarityTheMarshmallow)
  85. Shaun Connery (ShaunoftheRed x Awesomesix)
  86. A Sexual Relationship (EpicNail x The Flatwoods Monster)
  87. To the BatCave! (Batman3095 x CaveJohnson333)
  88. JackAss (CaveJohnson333 x TheAssyrianAssassin)
  89. Mating Frenzy (SophisticatedShark x Stan The Shark)
  90. Tavvy (Taviwave x Avatar Four)
  91. Silent, but Deadly (Silent Mocker x Killerface45)
  92. Black and Blue (NightFalcon9004 x CyanWrites)
  93. I Am Number Four (Iamthelegion x Four4)
  94. Cyance (CyanWrites x ClassicalExpendable)

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