Here is where people can fill in roles. If I forget a character, let me know. 

  1. Aang: Lucidus Star
  2. Katara: -4
  3. Sokka/Wang Fire: Wachowman
  4. Toph: SierraStalker
  5. Suki: MetalFire
  6. Zuko: DWAS
  7. Appa: Bantha117
  8. Momo: NightFalcon9004
  9. Iroh: Tesla Man
  10. Cabbage Guy: Loygansono55
  11. Azula: Mystical Trixter
  12. Mai: Taviwave
  13. Ty Lee: Nikki Lee 1999
  14. Ozai: Scrawland Scribblescratch
  15. Jet: Baby GG
  16. Longshot: Tigerisnormal
  17. Smellerbee: Jack8073
  18. Avatar Roku: Left 4 Speed
  19. Avatar Kyoshi: Clara James
  20. Jeong Jeong: FlareBlitz47
  21. Pakku: Cyanwrites
  22. Zhao: Tovorok
  23. Long Feng: Devil
  24. Combustion Man: KaboomTheMan
  25. Guru Pathik: Captain Warrior
  26. The Boulder: Meatholl

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