Salut tout le monde, hello everyone.

I recently read the long letter that Nail addressed to ERB wiki. I normally do not involve myself on those kind of blogs, but she brought up interesting points that deserve our attention. In an effort to prevent this from being thrown to the wayside, I will respond to every major point here. Before I move on, I want to say that I think that it was rather brave of Nail to speak out her opinion like that, despite the inevitable criticism. It's an admirable quality. Without further ado, here we go.

My responses will be in my color.

"Firstly, you may not be able to tell, but the wiki is dying out. How many legit active users have you had this year? Not many. How many did you have last year? Again, not many, compared to 2014 at least. The recent activity has more dead periods. Chat almost never has 20+ people anymore. Where are those people going? Why do you think they're going? Why might someone not want to join ERB Wiki in 2016? It's not a mystery."

I don't agree with this really. A wiki is a very fluid community, always prone to change. You can't expect the same active users to remain active for years. Evidently, there will always be some exceptions. One must also keep in mind that ERB's current off-season is the longest off-season that they've gone through so far at 9 months. That's nearly a full year of inactivity. Of course this will lead to a lull in activity. Fortunately for the wiki, whenever an older user leaves or becomes inactive, a newer user will more often than not rise up to take their place.

"The wiki's atmosphere, from first glance, is very friendly. Inside jokes, memes, etc. But underneath that, the wiki is actually very poisonous and hateful. I'm not kidding. The wiki has driven away a lot of once devoted users, and probably drives away even more potential ones. It's something I didn't notice until quite some time after I became active on the wiki, and it's really sad. The wiki is just one giant echochamber, and if you say something disagreeable, you're jumped on by a decent group of people. Usually, it's not even discussion, just arguments. It's always been like that to some extent, I just don't remember it being quite this bad, even in early 2015. If you think that isn't true, you're not seeing the whole picture. Not all these people are leaving just because. People are so unforgiving and hold grudges far too long."

I've been around ERB for a while, and I can say that this is most definitely not true. However, I can see how the wiki can become hostile very quickly in some situations. Usually, the cause of the hostility is evident, and the person who receives it had it coming. I'll admit that as a community, we should strive to be nicer to those who don't agree with us, but that does not mean that we should tolerate tom foolery as well. Similar to my last point, the wiki doesn't actively drive devoted users away. I can only think of 2, maybe 3, people that left the wiki because they felt that way. The rest left for their own personal reasons. As a final note, the community now has made great strides from 2013. There's still work to be done, but I'm happy with our progress.

"So here's where I bring in how this all relates to yesterday. I wanted to help fix the hostility problem. Unfortunately, ERB Wiki likes to remember past staff for all the bad that they did as opposed to the good. ERB just discards its past staff. Tesla, Steeler, Ynkr, Wach, Piet, Meat, DWAS and probably more. I actually feel pretty bad for being part of the force to drive some of them out. They don't deserve to be treated like that. When you're part of the wiki, you just go along with the ride sometimes, not questioning some of the stuff that happens."

I'm half and half on this one. It really depends on the person. If someone like Coupe is mentioned, you can expect nothing but compliments and admiration. If someone like Ynkr is mentioned, you can expect the opposite. For me personally, I know that people tend to remember the bad that happened when I was Xim far more than the good, and I suppose that that's human. We feel negative emotions much more than positive emotions, so it seems fit that negative memories would stand out as well. I'm not saying that this is a good thing, but that's life. So yeah, I neither agree nor disagree.

"For a year and a half, I was constantly on the wiki, making friends, doing fun community stuff, and most importantly trying to make the wiki a great place. It was my whole life. For a year and a half. That's a year and a half I'll never get back where I spent my time caring about not just you, but everyone on the wiki, and this is how you (and others) treat me? This is why I got so insulted. I never did anything seriously wrong. All that work and care, and you call me incompetent and undeserving. God damn, it stings."

Hey, I agree. You did work very hard as an admin. Kudos to you for that. Despite what you may think, your work never went unappreciated. However, I'm not very fond of that attitude. Sometimes, you just have to do what is right without expecting anything in return. That's what it takes to be a leader. If you're really this bitter about people not giving you your due, then maybe being an admin was too much for you to handle.

"All I know is, I don't want to be treated like a Steeler or a Meat. I'm not going to suck up to certain people for a year just for a chance at staff again. I'd rather be lonely than stay on a place where I'm disliked and have a crappy reputation. I know not all of you dislike me, but the most vocal ones are the ones that matter, and I know they don't like me, even if they say they do. It's funny, because they talk behind my back just like I do. It's almost like we're all shitty people."

I can guarantee that you won't be treated like Steeler or Meat. Unlike Steeler, you were present and tried to fix the wiki. Unlike Meat, you weren't a butthurt tyrant that literally attacked the wiki. Your legacy (maybe until now) was actually very positive. Whenever someone mentioned you, it was in good taste. In a way, that makes me even more surprised that you wrote this.

Final thoughts, I can sense a lot of bitterness in this final address to the wiki, and I feel that not all of it is merited. In many cases, you are right. We can be nicer to the dissenters, we can treat our leaders with a little more respect, we can offer a hand to someone in need, and we should continue to move forward. However, ERB is not the dying hellhole that you think it is. It may not seem that way, but ERB is in one of its most stable periods in all of its history. That, is thanks to the will and hard work of our users, and the people who fought against corrupt leaders. Personally, I recommend that you give ERB another shot after a long break. It worked wonders for me, and I think that it should work for you too. With all that being said, thanks again for writing that address. Alone, it was one of the most significant events of 2016 so far.

The 4th Avatar 14:12, April 5, 2016 (UTC)

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