Before I begin, I'd like to say this is dedicated to somebody very important to me, I'm sure everybody knows who it is.

3 months, nearly a quarter of a year since our final talk, your unfortunate depart.

On seperate sides of the world, not in contact, yet, I don't believe we're truly apart.

While our seperation leaves dusk in me, I realized something that made me see the dawn,

And that is that your are always in my heart and my mind, in a way, you have never been gone.

With the hope we'll once again meet, it makes things not as dark as they can seem

And I even have spoken to you recently, we've had plenty of talks through my dreams.

We've shared plenty of interactions there, had such wonderful talks, and had so much fun, and so much joy,

The happiness I feel from those dreams, it gives me a confidence you'll return, a hope that won't be destroyed.

You've told me you're proud of me, and watching over me, it makes the physical time apart not as long,

Perhaps, maybe you're thinking these same thoughts, and the hopes in my heart are not actually wrong.

Maybe, where you are, you've fought the darkness too, embraced the dawn

That even if we aren't in contact that we still share a truly powerful bond.

One that can't be broken, no matter the hardships or  problems that we may face

And one to ensure us we'll see eachother one day, in one time and one place.

You were once a fallen angel to me, but now, I have realized that you never had descent

Rather, we're still together, that talk three months ago will not be the last moment we've spent.

This will give me the confidence to keep going, for if I do, I will see you, that gives me hope,

I have certainty we will be together again, for the bond we share is stronger than any rope.

Even if it's in decades, we will meet again, it is a fact I put all of my hope and heart on.

Because nothing can keep us separated, for together, you and I form an Unbreakable Bond.

Alexa's Poetry
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