All good things come to an end eventually,  every open has it's close.

No matter what, our fate has been decided, and our destinies chose.

One day, we will have to face the inevitable, as frightening a thought as it is,

But the end is still far off for most, we still have plenty left that we can witness.

Enjoy life to the fullest, and don't stress over the deaths and the ends,

Experience the joys of life, spend it among your family and your friends.

Love everything around you, there is currently no reason that you should be in fear,

You have many long years ahead of you, the closing of your life isn't anwhere near.

Even when it comes, you'll never have an end, as you'll be with us soulfully and mentally.

So, don't stress over it, enjoy the beginings and middles of life, don't stress over The Finale.