Life is a fire, a passionate blazing spectacle that is truly memorizing to the eye.

Our thoughts, hopes and dreams spread our world as a smoke will spread the sky.

When we are first birthed, we are a small spark, which will grow to be a life to remember

Then slowly, we become a stronger breed, and we ignite from that smark, to an ember.

As life goes on in people, they go from infant to child, teen to adult, elder to death,

Such as a flame goes from a small light to a towering inferno once given it's breath.

Overtime our ember will become a flame, spreading, becoming bigger, more strong

We as people, similarly spread our minds, and become more mature before long.

Some can stare at a fire marveled, with amaze and whimsy at the very sight,

And as with people, our onlookers are our friends and family, the ones who set us alight.

The flame still expands, becoming a large and amazing beauty, rising even higher

In comparison we become adults one day, that is the day that we become a real fire.

What if we're to be extinguished? It is a true fact we can be put out, much to our strife,

But, with chance we will ignite yet again, burning by the sheer passion of living life.

As the fire rages, we spread even more, becoming an entire inferno over time,

In the same instants humans reach full maturity, and spread their joy in their prime.

Though after that the fire dies down, and tragically become even less than a spark,

Quite like the cycle of elder to death, but we were ablaze with passion, and we made our mark

Like a flame, all people are made to fully ignite, spread their ideas, blaze with glory at every turn,

And when we create a new flame, or remember ours, we can watch a Spark of an Inferno burn.

Alexa's Poetry
Book One: Autumn OpeningsPiecing it TogetherAn Eternal CycleUnbreakable BondSpark of the InfernoMirror of EmotionThe Other SideA Deceiving DisguiseLossPsychoticLife's Biggest QuestionThe Change
Book Two: Winter Hope
Book Three: Spring
Book Four: Summer

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