I have no idea where I'm going with this either. Just tried to make something resembling a rap with wonky flow. Listening to Rap God for too long does that to people.

Just testing, this mic worth the heavy investing?

Oh, yes, I'm blessed, tried the rest, called the best and

None of the other microphones

Came to mind as they're gonna strike home as

Instruments to deliver humor

Sticking out to the crowd like an awry rumor

A devoted dope on the mic, stick out like a tumor, a lymphoma

But that aside, I've a right to write, and right

as I discovered I'm fly when I fight

On the rap pad, no matter what crap

The masses have interpreted the rap as

So tonight, today, whatever time the sun says

I'll set alight some flames in lyrics scoring in the hundreds

Out of tens, 'cause when I grab the pen

I'm lethal, leaving sick holes that'll never mend

When I fire shots, fuck the Glock

I rock the mic that stops the clock

For the subordinates unfortunate

To get inside a lock

With this active elaborative line cracker

In a diss match, 'cause I bash you other bad rappers

I'm madder, there's no match in bringing disaster

They getting sad, they can't rap a tad faster

Score! A motherfucker to the core

Drive you out like the salt that halts a whore

It's your fault! Like they said at Baltimore

But no more! I'm slamming the door!

I'm a lacerator, grind lines like a macerator

Fabricator, send messages to the screen, a rap intaker

Only thing pulls me down? The mic

Not black or white? Oh... shite!

I tell you, I'm still on tonight!

A couplet plus one, the combo breaker!

No faker, I'm on for days like a gamer

That's lame and addicted to Wind Waker

Tiger, Tigger, are they the same? Err...

That's a little game I'll tell you 'bout later

I love ya, writing, but I gotta drop now

I mean, this shit gotta end somehow!

Done now for now, but I ain't done hound

-ing this town till the walls come down

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