I'm Psychotic, insane as I can be, not at the proper state of mind

Letting go of emotion and leaving all of my cares completely behind.

I'll shrug off injuries at this point, you harm me, all I'll do is laugh and smile

Some say they've just known this side of me, but I've been this crazy for a while.

Leave me to my devices, you don't know what I'll do,

I could destroy the room, or clean it good as new.

All I've been facing in life, my downfall to this maniacal mess,

Was it worth it? Yes. It makes the pain hurt just less and less.

This point of my life I've embraced, never once tried to have fought it,

I love this about me, and I completely enjoy being absolutely Psychotic.

Watch as I take a blade, slice it to my very own arm,

I'll taste my very own blood, and just giggle off the harm.

Masochistic, thoughts non realistic, going completely ballistic

Sanity? I haven't missed it, this is a glorious life to be witnessed.

People want me to be okay, I tell them I'll never be well.

Being broken makes it much easier to deal with this hell.

Nobody messes with me, they know the sheer terror I can bring,

Just from the threatening words I speak, the haunting lyrics I sing,

Now it has been jotted, that my psyche has completely rotted,

That I am completely insane, a mess, fully and utterly Psychotic...

Alexa's Poetry
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