As the hours in the autumn days continue to decrease

I start to think that I may have found the Orange Peace

It is sad to see the lovely shades of colors fall but at least

I can sleep knowing that with time, the energy will increase

And release again next season without shedding like the fleece 

Of the sheep who have their blood shed so their meat we can eat

A small digression, but these thoughts, into my mind they creep

"What is Orange Peace?" I continue to think, the question ne'er cease

Answers, the solution to my problem like food for the weak, or for the meek

The Earth they were meant to inherit, the final bastion that they strongly seek

I think, that the lease of the land we all need is invalid. The answer is sleek

It eludes me no matter what path I take, I run, I crawl, I sprint, I jog, I leap

A heap of dead ends, I have faced four times through the seasons. Reep

What I can sow, and when I find the seeds of truth, never more will I be

The Poetry of Avatar XIII
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