The sunset ended, and Lucidus now sat on the cliffside alone, at night. The darkness reminded him of a time when things were much, much darker.


Shadow☆Star gazed upon the empy abyss of the world that he had just created. The background was black, along with other patterns that would normally catch the eye's attention. 

"This is just perfect," he thought to himself. "Here, I have the solace that I need. Then, I can retake what I've lost."

Shadow was a complicated young man. Having recently lost everything he once held dear, he began to search for what his true purpose was. He concluded that nothing good could come from him, no matter how hard he tried. Alas, he accepted the darkness. In the dark, he could not see, and what he could not see would not hurt him. Or at least he thought so. 

He began to tinker with the fabrics of his new dark world, eventually settling on a color scheme that matched the essence of his broken spirit. It was winter, the weather was frigid. The color blue felt the most natural.

"Black and blue, seems appropriate," he said to himself.

Using the essence of black and blue, he completed his world. Dimly lit with a pale blue sunset, his world was cold, somber, and most importantly, true. The landscape was barren, only broken by the random assortment of rock formations. 

It was exactly what Shadow wanted, and for once, he felt a genuine happiness and peace. Unfortunately, that was soon broken by a chilling realisation.

"I'm all alone here," he lamented. "Surely, someone else has to exist here. Someone."

The Short Stories of Avatar XIII
Shadow☆Star era
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Origins era
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