For the now nearly 18 years I've lived, I've tried my hardest to find the best of others,

Even the most callous of people I would stick by at a time, and treat them like sisters and brothers,

To me, nobody is truly evil or cruel, it was but their past and upbringing that shaped that mold,

Anybody can be dragged from that path to see the light, it is something I've always heard and told.

Even the darkest of souls can be saved, no matter how bleak it may seem.

In my eyes, no matter how sinister or malicious a person is, they can be redeemed.

I try hard to not hold grudges, and I try not to truly hate anybody that I know,

Through the weeds of evil, even still flowers of justice can still grow.

To this day, I have felt this way about every person under the sun.

Almost, that is, the exception to my belief is only one.

They act so vicious to others when they've never deserved such treatment,

They act as if enlightened, but deep down know they're but a cretin.

They have no friends to speak of, nobody cares for this individual,

Those who try to are usually puppet masters, pulling strings away from their visuals.

The true friends this one makes they soon lose, through faults of their own,

They want to be loved, but can't, and they know this inside their bones.

They've gone past redemption, I simply contempt them,

No matter how much they try, I cannot accept them.

I still believe that nobody should be hated, nearly everybody can be on the path of light, with a little bit of help.

But yet, in spite of this, the one I despise and is beyond this ideal, is myself.