Here we go. It's Tkid. The NightGuard.

Monday Bars #2.  And for this one, I wanted to lighten the mood of the last one a bit.

So think of this one as kind of a hardcore party rap, and you'll be fine.



I don't jump the shark, I leap the Megladon.

I'll keep droppin' bombs by the by the mega-ton!

This a rap race; I'm runnin' the marathon.

By the time this thing is over, you will chant these songs!

Some will know damn well that I'll finish first!

Some will say, "Nah, man, that was a garbage verse."

But if you say that line, Imma snap your spine

then consume your hater blood just to quench my thirst!

A vampire. Mother-fuckin' Dracula.

Fangs and BAT-tering rhymes coming back atcha'!

I vant tu suck yur blood because you SUCK!

Hate on my rhythm, I don't give a fuck!

It won't hurt me. It assures me; -

that one of you definitely heard me!

That I was worth the time to check out the rhyme.

That I know that what I'm doing is working.





Is it working? Hello? Is it working?

Have you heard me? Hello? Have you heard me?


And I know what I'm doing it fine.

I'll never, never, never, NEVER give up rhymes!

But is it working? Hello, is it working?

Have you heard me? Yeah, I'm sure you heard me.


Now, I'm on my second verse, and you know I don't rehearse.

It's Monday Bars. It could either be the best, or the worst.

But I try to make it good. No shit. I use my wits.

But now I'm gonna go and blitz before the shittiness commits

itself into this song. Hell no it won't! (Yeah!)

I'll sink myself but I will float! (What?)

These raps will soppocate but clear my airways, so I won't choke!

So yeah, I'm doing something. Spittin' most excellent bars.

Bill and Ted. I'll never go dead. Hey, are we working?

Hmpf, hell yeah we are.




(chorus x2)



Thank you for joining me on this installment of Monday Bars.

Shoutout to E-dubble. The Freestyle Friday series. Check it out sometime!

This song was partially inspired by the Freestyle Friday Party With Wookies. It's a great song.

E-dubble is a genius. Anyways, thank you all again for reading this one! 

See you all next week!

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