Reality is a harsh cold world, most of the time, pain, misery, depression, all to be expected.

There is light at the end, yes, but the darkness is abundant, it is a fact that must be accepted.

Through it all we have very many cases of sorrow, much more than we do of bliss,

Thousands of people have come to terms, and woefully they do embrace this.

Many would like to escape reality, and many assume death is the only way to flee,

But, there is a better, more enjoyable path, one that everbody can get to easily see.

A world where things are perfect, the world is full of the joy that the heart has craved

One where we can have our joy in tact, our minds at peace, and all our hopes are saved.

Just where is this joyous land? You may ask, well it is much closer than it seems,

And this location is one that we visit constantly, and that is the realm of our dreams.

In contrast to that of the horrid suffering reality can put us through, here that is not the case,

All happiness and love can be found here, and all of our hopes, here in this wonderous place.

We can do anything, be anything, have anything, everything, a truly magnificent fate.

It is why so many take joy in slumber, because of the fantastic things that will await.

What of nightmares, however? A dream that's dreadful when compared to another,

Simple, they are the harsh realities of life and our dreams combatting with eachother.

Many wish dreams were the true side of life, and that the hopes and joy we discovered were to be real,

However, it is not the case, but they do give us hope, that one day, perhaps reality can have that feel.

Hopefully this can inspire us to keep going, and plans to make things better will be put in motion,

Maybe then both sides will be filled with unsaturated happiness, here in this Mirror of Emotion.

Alexa's Poetry
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Book Two: Winter Hope
Book Three: Spring
Book Four: Summer

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