Purpose. What is it exactly? I have never been able to find the answer to this.

Some say that when you find it then it will lead you to true happiness and bliss.

But finding it is a huge challenge on it's own, it can take people a whole lifetime,

But the instant you do, you will feel complete, a feeling I've heard is simply sublime.

I've only heard of such joy, never been able to be one to experience it,

I can never find my purpose, with all of my strength, nor all of my wit.

Just what is my purpose on this planet, what am I meant to do?

People have told me many things I was meant for, yet none were true.

Some things I hoped to do I let go of, and let my dreams of it completely die,

Of the things I can do, there's always somebody near better at it than I.

I've searched many long years, but haven't found even the smallest clue,

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever find it, and if it's before my death is due.

What makes me special, a unique part of this world that is required?

Normally pondering such things should surely make me more inspired.

But I'm not anymore, I'm close to giving up on this hunt,

It seems impossible, no matter the attempted act or stunt.

Am I really needed, am I of any value, and do I have any true worth?

I've pondered for far too long, and not a single answer has come forth.

What is my purpose? And what will it take to lead me to it's direction?

What is my purpose? To me, this is without a doubt Life's Biggest Question.

Alexa's Poetry
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