"Guys, I'm having second thoughts. Are you sure that this is the best option?" Negative Four asked anxiously.

For the plan to be successful, she had to assimilate into ERB first.

"This is the only way NF. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Besides, there's no turning back now. It's either this, or Evol's imminent death," Ximena said.

"As much as I tend to despise the world, I wouldn't mind living a few more years," Evol jeered.

"And if anything goes wrong Dani, we'll only be a phone call away. You're not alone," Lucidus reassured with a smile.

Negative Four felt a warm feeling in her heart, knowing that she had the support of at least Lucidus.

"Alrighty then, here goes nothing," she exclaimed.

The journey to ERB's territory was not very long, despite having to move on foot. Their section of town, however, differed in appearance from the rest of the area. The buildings were mostly colored in variations of red, grey, white, and black, which were the same colors of their flag.

"Cute," Negative Four thought to herself. While the appearance of the sector didn't intimidate her, the general populous did. True to Ximena's earlier statement, women were a rare sight. The men, on the other hand, were abundant. It did not take long for them to begin their advances on her.

"Hai," a bearded man greeted. "You new here?"

Before she could answer, someone else interrupted her.

"Of course she's new Wachow. Does this look like Sierra to you?" the man teased.

";-;" Wachow replied.

Negative, trying to steer the attention away from herself, inquired about his name.

"So, your name is Wachow? How is that pronounced? Like 'Wakow'?" she asked.

"Plz, it's pronounced Watch-ow. Like the wrestler, Machoman. I'm Wachowman," he replied.

"Awesomesauce," she muttered. Noticing that the crowd grew in size, she also asked the names of her other potential suitors.

"And, who are you guys?" she inquired.

The group of people introduced themselves one by one. In order, she met Firebrand, Mr. Awesome, Weavile, Patts9009, Loygansono55, JPhil2.0, Scrawland Scribblescratch, Meatholl, and LabTux. Eventually, she met other commoners such as Sierra, NightFalcon, Tesla Man, Dexter, Basalt, Ynkr, Steeler, and their leader, J1coupe.

While they accepted her without question, she found herself in the midst of unresolved tension. A war had recently ended, and the populous was still split into pro-Night or pro-Tesla factions. Not knowing whether to join a side or not, Negative Four tried to choose neutrality. However, that all changed after she was approached by Night one day.

"Hai NF, there was something I wanted to ask you," Night said.

"Aight. What's on your mind?" Negative replied.

"What do you think of Tesla?" he asked.

Not realizing that she had developed her own personal prejudices, she spilled her emotions to Night, and picked a side.

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