Before today I thought all was well for me, I thought that things were as they should be,

But I found out today that that is not the case, what is the standard for all is not me.

I am not what I should be, considering my life, I am far from what is considered perfect,

I need to better myself fast or it will get worse, this is a fact that I cannot at all reject.

It is time for me to start making progress in life, time for me to not waste away and become what I musn't,

Realizing what you need to do to become the best you can be helps, ignoring it and denying it doesn't.

I've fully seen what lies ahead of me should I stay how I am now, I must admit that I hate it,

I will stray from that path at all costs now, as far as possible, for now I am motivated.

I am not perfect, but I will be soon, my weaknesses should cower, for they will be what I remove,

The days of being what I shouldn't be are dead, alive are the days I am perfect, the days I Improve.

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