The Green Peace differs from the blue

Calming me with its shades and hues

Bringing life to a once dead forest

Bringing wealth to those who couldn't afford it

Bringing love to those who hate

Bringing friends to those without mates

Blue Peace was relaxing but cold

Green peace is liberating and bold

What shall Red Peace behold?

- Shadow☆Star

The Poetry of Avatar XIII
Shadow☆Star era
BalanceThoughts of WinterThoughtsBlue PeaceFeelingsGreen Peace
Origins era
Royalty NaughtAftermathRed PeaceConverseShadow☆StarVioloncelloOrange PeaceXimena 13Evol LoveTimeNegative FourLucidus StarAmon Maven
Neo XIII era
L'oubliéRealizationsIn a Box

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