Evol Love
Evol Love

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is...

No love for my enemies, who continue to pester me

No love for the idiots, they don't even know what love is

No love for girls, their wacky emotions are ruining the world

No love for tyrants, killing the people slowly with their violence

No love for the greedy, stop stealing from the poor and needy

No love for the internet, giving the uninformed the power to vent

No love for the liars, I await the day that they'll burn on pyres

No love for the stars, why be awestruck by something so very far?

No love for my father, it's funny, your apathy has made me stronger

No love for my heart, sometimes a void opens itself in this area of my being

No love for my mind, and I wonder if that's a sign that I should be seeing

No love for my spirit, someone who can help me, but instead I begin fleeing

No love for my soul, into the nothingness, where I feel content. So content

No love for my body, to be alone. Now, where most of my time being is spent

...Evol Love

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