Every now and then

A mind consumed with chagrin

The silent treatment

Even now, with this

On a Saturday evening

Robotic Shogun

Under the heavens

With someone else's money

Fight among themselves


There can be no higher stakes

The revolution

Crying and shouting

I have checkmate in two moves

Sing "Hail to the Chef"

Under the heavens

With cloning technology

Find a technician

The truth is out there

A mind consumed with chagrin

At home on New Years

Now in succession

A vile, bloodcurling nightmare

Bragging of bad luck

This autumnal count

Though you were my best friend...

More than meets the eye

In the deepest of darkness

In the end, it matters not

A sparrow's gamble

We know that life is

Quickly now, into the restroom

Let's go commando

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