As I stare into the sunset in a blue sky

A blue peace catches my eye

All is calm, serene

As if, I am in a dream

Even though this is real

Everything feels surreal

In this world, we fight and fight

In our own blue oceans and blue skies

On this moment, I feel ease

Omnipresent is the breeze

Under all this, none will cease

Under the blanket of Blue Peace

- Shadow Star

The Poetry of Avatar XIII
Shadow☆Star era
BalanceThoughts of WinterThoughtsBlue PeaceFeelingsGreen Peace
Origins era
Royalty NaughtAftermathRed PeaceConverseShadow☆StarVioloncelloOrange PeaceXimena 13Evol LoveTimeNegative FourLucidus StarAmon Maven
Neo XIII era
L'oubliéRealizationsIn a Box

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