I don't know why, you do this shit

What is the point in all of it?

Why do you lie and deceive,

Why did you make us grieve?

We're Still Here; not anymore Still,

Is it ill? For cheap little thrill?

Now I resent, being friends,

You lied to me beginning to end,

And now the rap group's in half,

You and your lies, Trent and me's the last.

The lies date back to the wiki's early era,

Died of cancer, this girl named Clara,

And I made a song, what a reaction,

And last night, I read her last message,

Don't know why, but it gave me passion,

I had finally accepted and forgiven that shit,

Now The Boy Who Cried Wolf can cry me a river,

You don't deserve the trust anybody'd give ya,

And you're gone; blocked and banned,

Didn't have a chance to take a stand,

But you will probably soon understand,

As soon as you read this rap, dear Dan

Pardon you, it ain't funny, life's not a cartoon,

I never want to be a part of you,

Now The Boy Who Cried Wolf can go "ah-woo!"

You're a liar that I can't trust; I'm not sorry for you

So you are who you are, but who are you?