Sunrise to sunset, the day becomes night, a constant of the Earth,

When the moon's spectacle is over a brand new day is given birth.

An ever the same process it is, from light to dark, and back to light once more,

A cycle of shimmering beauty to gloomy shadows, a cycle no one can ignore.

Two celestial powers, circling us and giving us their absolute best

For an eternity this is what happens, neither one will stop to rest.

For without them we'd have nothing in the world, a truly cruel fate.

And yet, the process of light to dark is one that any soul can relate.

There's dark and light in all our lives, much like dusk to dawn

Like with slumber at night, we attempt to avoid the dark until it's gone.

Darkness is inevitable in our process, though we avoid it with all our might

But staying strong and continuing on, you will once again witness a light,

We all have darkness in our lives, it's sadly true, but it is nothing to fear,

Keep going on your grand routine, eventually the beauty of light will be near.

Once we can accept and get past darkness, we can enjoy knowing that light will

Be coming to give us true beauty and joy once dark flees. That is our Eternal Cycle.

Alexa's Poetry
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Book Two: Winter Hope
Book Three: Spring
Book Four: Summer

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