Words have a lot of power, power greater than that of any weapon

Although this sentiment rings true, it is usually missed as a lesson

For you see, the true power doesn't come from the message of the speaker

The true power comes from how they are interpreted by the receiver

A message misinterpreted can be more vitriolic than a sting of a hornet

A message misinterpreted can turn a happy soul into an empty vortex

For the message cracked in the mirror, a new one I spawn

Hopefully this one will correct all that has gone wrong

The tangled web of despair is a path of no return. Dooming all who wander in

But, with blades of optimism and hope, it is never too late to catch your second wind

Refuse the pull of the dark, ominous hand that wants to cover your lucid eyes

Don't give in, or you'll never see the wonderful future you were meant to realize

The Poetry of Avatar XIII
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