Accusations. "You're fucking crazy, fucking insane."

The relations. "Get the fuck out of my house, shit stain!"

I'm a patient. "The nurse finally called out my name."

The sedation. "Now, Mr. Kelly, what's inside that brain?"

I guess that I must've...

Fallen on my head as a kid, yes I guess it's evident,

Never guessed the shit, I got a fucking addiction!

Yes, it's true! I don't say shit just to say shit,

I say it because I'm a little insane shit!

And what's that's saying? Oh yes, "My name's Mit!"

Because I'm out of my head and I play with it.

Was it neglect? Abuse? I can barely remember,

But I can still feel pain of burning ember,

Almost drowned because I couldn't swim,

So, all the drama's trauma? What's with Tim?

I know people talk behind my back,

"That dude that raps is whack!"

I just want to crush a pill and do that like crack,

Clog up my lungs until ICU makes me yack,

And I can't even make the thoughts stop,

They say they're here and then they're not,

And I look like Hell, so I can't pray to God,

So fuck it, another prescription and shot!

Speaking of shot, why'd Tony get shot?

He was popped, he just bought some pot!

My body can't move, my mind's winning a drag race,

I look in the mirror, see terror behind the face,

I hate how I'm like this, but it can't be fixed,

I love how I'm like this, I'm just an addict!

I love making Loops, I came to the Acceptance,

No one's cared for me, it's all negligence

I honestly, philosophically try to be optimistic,

Then I think back, "My life's just fucked, isn't it?"

So I look like a regular guy, walking the streets

But what you don't see is the monster unleashed,

It helps me think, putting it all out in poetry,

Helps me see what's the full story,

And I love when you feel sorry for me,

Although you may not get that, from the other me

And it truly is sad, trapped behind a computer screen

Because even if you want, you cannot help me

So, I settle down and take each step slow,

And let them do what they want, I just let it go,

Because of it, I will forever know,

That I won't, ever be in con-trol,

And I love you, for the con-sole,

But I won't ever stop, always on a roll,

And I look at the table, full of pills I stole,

And I raise one to my mouth, another bot-tle.

Because I love it and hate it,

It's sad, ain't it?

I don't want to cause a panic,

But I am, and'll always be an addict.