"I'm very objective when it comes to punishments, so naturally, I'll be against the majority here."
— Lucidus Star

Lucidus Star

1st Star: Lucidus did not have a real name. The only person who called him by a normal name was -4. Occasionally, she called him "Lucius".
2nd Star: Lucidus's special color was blue. Accordingly, he was the most calm and level-headed member of the group. He seldom lost his temper.
3rd Star: Lucidus played the piano.
4th Star: The name Lucidus Star literally translates to "Bright Star".
5th Star: Lucidus's main symbolic character was Sly Cooper.
6th Star: Lucidus was 17 years old.
7th Star: Lucidus filled the role of the puppetmaster. Although he was often out of sight, he directed the activity of the other Four Stars members, to an extent.
8th Star: Lucidus and Ximena 13 were almost in a relationship, but the brooding between the two would have been too intense.
9th Star: Lucidus was adept at basketball.
10th Star: Lucidus Star was originally going to be named just "Lucid Star" but that username was already taken.
11th Star: Lucidus Star and Ximena 13 were both fans of the Miami Heat during their Big 3 era.
12th Star: Lucidus's final message on ERB wiki has two meanings.
13th Star: Lucidus was less active during the summer because summer made him "weaker".
14th Star: Lucidus's special font was Vivaldi. Vivaldi is the fanciest font and it designates his role as the leader.
15th Star: Lucidus's favorite color is blue because his character was created in the winter.
16th Star: Lucidus changed his avatar more than any other Four Stars member.
17th Star: Lucidus was the first sock of the first sockpuppet era, and the final sock of the Four Stars era.

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