"Talk to the hand because the ears aren't listening"
— -4


Fact 1: Her real name was Danica St. Claire.
Fact 2: -4's special color was red. Red represents aggression and passion. -4 was easily the most dynamic of the original Four Stars, and she was involved in the most wiki disputes.
Fact 3: -4 had the most symbolic characters. However, it is generally accepted that Starfire was her main symbolic character.
Fact 4: -4's obsession with bacon was a loose reference to a drug addiction.
Fact 5: -4 attempted to leave wikia more than any other Four Stars member.
Fact 6: The origins of -4 changed constantly. In fact, her back story made the least logical sense of all the original Four Stars.
Fact 7: -4 also had the most nicknames out of the original Four Stars. These include Dani, NF, Nega, Digit, and Red Cellist.
Fact 8: -4 played the Cello.
Fact 9: -4 was the only star that aged. She started off as a 16 year old. By the time the Four Stars era ended, she was 18 years old.
Fact 10: Comic Sans MS is my least favorite font. -4 had it as her primary font to symbolize her simple-minded nature.
Fact 11: -4 originally lived in California. This didn't make any sense because she would join chat whenever the EST users were active.
Fact 12: -4 had the most personality changes. At first, she was rebellious. Then she became friendly and pure of heart (as +4). After that, she became reckless and carefree.
Fact 13: -4 was the only Four Stars sock that wasn't created at the Uncreative Wiki.
Fact 14: -4's final avatar, the one that had Starfire with red eyes, was taken from a hentai with Starfire, Raven, and Brushogun.

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